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Recipe for Your Dream Job

Posted on: July 4th, 2013 by Pam Norton No Comments

On a gloomy Monday morning, do you dream of finding your dream job?  That ideal position which feeds both our soul and your pocketbook?  Does it sometimes feel like you’re on a mythic quest to find the unicorn? What if you never find it?  What if it doesn’t exist?

Well, it does exist, but instead of looking at job descriptions, think of it like being in a relationship.  We spend years looking for Mr/Ms Right, but a dream relationship isn’t just about the other person.  It has as much to do with you being the right person.

A couple of week’s ago I met Noemi at a dinner party.  After being laid off, she had found her dream job.  We met again a few days later to swap information about our businesses, and I got a chance to ask about her journey.  Here’s my recipe for your dream job and her story.

Start with:  Who You Are

How would you describe yourself?   Are you a warrior, a healer, a teacher, an inventor?  Don’t think in terms of a job (police officer, nurse, school teacher, engineer), but think of your character – your essence.  If you could sum yourself up, who are you?

Noemi’s story:  The first thing Noemi said was “I have an entrepreneurial spirit.”  Starting from a young age she owned her own businesses including a retail store selling jewelry and accessories.  She loved the independence and self-determination of being a business owner.

Then add in:  Your interests

What are you interested in, passionate about, drawn to?  Again, don’t think of a job description, but think of where your mind goes and figure out the underlying theme.  For example, when you open the newspaper or magazine, what do you read first?

My favorite books have always been biographies, especially historical biographies.  I’m fascinated by what makes people tick, what kinds of decisions they make in their lives, how they overcame adversity, how were they influenced by events of the day, who they loved.

Noemi’s story:  of all the activities required to run her own business, Noemi enjoyed the financial aspects.  Margins in retail are notoriously slim, so when she decided to look for a job that paid more and paid more consistently, she went into banking.

Finally, stir in:  Your Contribution

What contribution do you want to make?  Here are two key questions

  • Who do you want to help?
  • Who do you want to be a hero to? 

Everyone I’ve spoken with who says they’re in their dream job felt they were making some type of contribution outside of themselves.  They’re helping someone in some way.  So whether you want to help individuals recover from cancer, create value for shareholders, or leave the earth cleaner for future generations – you decide.

Noemi’s story:  Noemi wanted to help people create financial security because this had been a central theme in her life.

So what did Noemi end up with after being laid off?  She’s now a financial advisor for a large mutual fund company.  She has the independence of finding, servicing, and retaining her own clients, she’s working in the financial services industry, and she’s helping people create financial security.  She’s hit that sweet spot.

When you blend all of the elements, you will begin to walk towards your dream job.  It could be anything – that’s the joy and frustrating thing about it.  Just like finding your dream relationship, your dream job isn’t about finding that one perfect, specific position.  It’s about blending who you are, what you’re interested in, and who you want to help with the opportunities you find and create.

Oh, and it changes over time as you get to know yourself better, discover new interests, or experience great challenges or loss.  So why not get started on that journey of discovery today?