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Coaching for Individuals

Wouldn't it feel great to feel jazzed about your job, to know that you're bringing the best of yourself to work every day? Using proven tools and strategies, I'll help you get on the right path to more success and fulfillment in your job.

My approach is to focus on you. I believe that when you have a deep understanding of yourself — what motivates you, who you are when you're at your best, what brings out your worst self, what your natural talents and strengths are — you can make choices that help you reach your goals and dreams. Think of it like putting a canoe in a river. When you're working with who you are it's like rowing downstream. You may encounter some white water, but the situation is easy to manage because it feels natural and you have the skills. When you're in a job that works against who you are or are in a situation that brings out the worst in you, it's like rowing upstream — a struggle every day and you don't go anywhere.

When I work with people one-on-one, they tend to fit one of three profiles:

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Career 911

Somewhere along the way your situation at work has gone off the rails. You're surrounded by and embroiled in conflicts almost every day. You feel like you're about to explode or be fired. Perhaps you received your first unsatisfactory performance review or got reorg'd into a position or under a new manager that's not a fit. You just want to it to stop, but you aren't sure how to manage the situation. Is it you? Is it them? Is it fixable or is it time to find something new?

Your job makes you feel angry and cornered, and you dread mornings, especially Mondays. One part of you just wants to run away and join the circus, and another part wishes that someone else would just make the decision for you. Learn More

Who you are

You're smart, you're capable, but lately you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Your self-confidence is low, and you're feeling burned out, frustrated, and stuck. Your negative attitude is starting to affect your job performance and worst of all it's bleeding over into the rest of your life. You're overwhelmed. Your brain doesn't shut off and you keep replaying things over and over. It's like you're trapped in a maze, and you don't know how to get out.

You want to be successful, and you may be passionate about your work. But right now, you feel like a different person is showing up wearing your clothes. Your behaviors aren't matching the person you want to be.

What you need right now

You need some serious coping skills to help you navigate situations when your 'inner ogre' is being triggered by events and other people. You also need to regain your confidence and to get back to that smart, capabile person you know you are. As your coach I'll provide an objective yet sympathetic sounding board to help you sort through the issues and look at different perspectives so you can resolve the situation or figure out your next move.

You may have reached the point where you're not willing to stay in a situation regardless of the security it offers. Don't give away your power and don't let someone else make career decisions for you. If there's going to be a change, control and manage the situation so it's on your timeline.

My Process

Step 1: get an objective view of yourself to:
  • Understand and appreciate who you are when you're at your best so you can make smart choices
  • Understand your shadow so you can identify and manage triggers
  • Gain insights into what motivates you
  • Outline concrete examples of your strengths in action so you can redesign your current situation to play to them
Step 2: manage your situation using various tools depending on your particular circumstances
  • Prioritize your workload: Success 1 2 3
  • Manage your doubts and fears
  • Recognize and change non-productive habits and thought patterns
  • Get clear on what you want
  • Recognize substitutions for what they are
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Looking for Something New

It's time for a new job. If you're currently unemployed, you need to find a job quickly. If you've already got a job but have decided to find something new either within your current company or with someone new, it's important to manage your search and make the best choices. Learn More

Who you are

You're in transition.

If you're currently unemployed, you may have been impacted by the tsunami of layoffs and cutbacks that have swept through our economy over the past few years. You don't need the media to tell you how hard it is to land something new. You send resumes out into a void never hearing anything back. Or perhaps you've been interviewing, maybe even made it onto the short list of candidates, but you haven't been selected. You're frustrated and feel beaten down.

If you've got a job but want something new, you want to make sure your next move is a great move. You don't want to just survive, you want to thrive - to find something that really excites and interests you, to do something you love and get paid well for it.

What you need

The two biggest challenges faced by people looking for a new job are:

  1. Identifying and targeting the right jobs to go after
  2. Standing out from the crowd

You need to be clear about what you want and then be clear about what makes you unique.

There may be thousands of people who do what you do, but they aren't you. They don't have your particular combination of experience and strengths. A clear and consistent presentation through your resume and interviewing is critically important.

Throughout the entire process, you need to maintain a positive, confident mindset and keep moving forward. I'll provide structure, support and accountability to keep the momentum going.

My Process

Step 1: get an objective view of yourself to:
  • Understand and appreciate who you are when you're at your best — this is who you're selling
  • Gain insights into what motivates you which is key to making sure that the jobs you're going after will be a good long-term fit
  • Outline concrete examples of your strengths in action so you can design your resume around them
Step 2: identify your next move
  • Assess your previous jobs to gain insights into your ideal job using my Job Grade tool
Step 3: update your resume
  • Using my 7 Steps to a Power-Packed Resume™ process, we'll develop a great resume that will make people say, “I want to meet this person.”
Step 4: develop a search and networking strategy
Step 5: prepare for your interviews
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Deepen the Connection

You want to feel more fulfilled from your work. You want more than a J-O-B. You've reached a point in your life when you want to turn up the volume and enjoy your days. You may even dream big and want to make a difference to something you care about. You want to feel aligned with your passion and purpose. Learn More

Who you are

You're ready to play a bigger, more meaningful game. Whether you decide to change careers or stay on your current path, there's more you can do and bring to your work. You want to bring out all of who you are every day.

After years of focusing on other people's needs, you've lost touch with your passion. Perhaps your attention and energy have been focused on taking care of and providing for your family or on working hard at a job that was just a J-O-B. You may have gone through a life-changing experience such as an illness or passing of a loved one. Whatever the reason, you're ready for a career that feeds your soul.

What you need right now

Right now you need to get unblocked and reconnect with your core values, your passion, your essence and your purpose. You need to believe in yourself and trust that with consistent focus the fog will clear. The answers you seek are already in your life. The patterns are there, you just need a different perspective to recognize them.

My Process

Step 1: get an objective view of yourself to:
  • Understand what motivates you and identify times in your life when you felt this connection
  • Understand and appreciate who you are when you're at your best — you want to be this person every day
  • Recognize your shadow and identify ways to minimize the situations that bring this out
  • Outline concrete examples of your strengths in action and create new opportunities to use your strengths on a daily basis
Step 2: manage your energy — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Identify what feeds your energy and what drains your energy
  • Identify actions to eliminate energy vampires and create habits which increase your energy
Step 3: use your compass — core values
  • Clarify your core values, identify areas of your life where you can more strongly align to your values and implement action plans to close the gap
Step 4: go an a passionquest
  • Identify ways to bring more of what you love into your daily life
Step 5: purpose and essence
  • Begin the journey of becoming conscious of your life's purpose
Step 6: now what?
  • Identify and make changes aligned with your values, passion and purpose