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John Leroy

It was a great pleasure to work with Pam recently, as my career coach. After many months of looking for just the right position at the right place, it became apparent that my brand needed updating. More importantly, I needed to better understand my own brand! Pam worked her magic to tease out of my decades of experience just what mattered most to me and to a prospective employer. She refocused my experiences to solidly convey these much more clearly and as a result created stronger formats of my resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing approaches. I particularly appreciated Pam's ability to just listen to me and hear what I no longer could; the trees from the forest if you will. I highly recommend Pam for any serious introspective phase of career coaching you may be facing, too.

~ John Leroy
Cyndi Stayrook

I found Pam through networking at work (a large financial institution).  Isn’t that the way you always find the best people?  Through a trusted friend?  I was in the process of evaluating my dissatisfaction at work.  Was it me?  Was it my boss?  Was it the work?   I wasn’t sure.  One of my trusted advisors asked me what I was good at.   I said something like, “I will have to get back to you on that!”  So the journey began to identify my strengths, my purpose and my passion.  My advisor suggested I contact Pam for an initial consultation, so that we could evaluate whether her services would be a good investment, for both of us.  I admire that Pam interviews each prospect to ensure that her services and counsel will be valuable.  We decided we were a match!

I worked with Pam for 6 months, with regular communication on the phone and via email.  I am in Columbus, Ohio and she is in Seattle, Washington – the distance did not matter.

Through a series of challenging questions and homework assignments Pam helped me to define my strengths and my purpose.  With this very valuable information, I was then able to craft a “personal value statement” that accurately described me.  We updated my resume as well. I am very proud and happy to say that I have secured a new position that I am passionate about and wake up excited for another day. The financial investment was minimal compared to the personal growth and benefit!

~ Cyndi Stayrook
Patricia, Senior Project & Portfolio Manager

After a recent job transition I thought it was a good time to evaluate my career options. I not only wanted to find a resource to help me with my overall career exploration process but I also thought it was important to find someone that could challenge how I was looking at my career.  Pam has proven to be exactly what I was looking for.

In working with Pam I was able to "dust" off my 3 year old resume.  Pam helped identify insights and experiences that I should start to leverage in my resume. 
We also outlined a game plan to identify my longer-term career goals.  Pam led me through a series of discussions and interactions that helped guide me towards a clear set of career objectives.

Thanks to Pam I have shifted my thinking and career timeline towards goals that I didn’t think were possible, but now I’m confident I can achieve them and be personally and professionally fulfilled. 

Bottom line: I have great respect for Pam and the value she has delivered for me. She is an astute business professional so she understands the environment I’m in and can relate to my experiences. Pam is honest and is passionate about what she is doing so don’t be surprised if that influences your thinking and attitude.

~ Patricia, Senior Project & Portfolio Manager
Hope, Senior Vice President at large regional bank

I used to think of coaching as a luxury, but now I have a different view.  Our work together has been helpful with short-term issues like handling certain situations, and understanding myself better helps guide my actions.  It has also helped with the bigger questions like what is my ideal job and what would make me feel fulfilled.  It’s really great to bounce things off another experienced businessperson to get insights into things like the best way to approach a certain audience or strategize on a project. I feel I can be totally honest, and having a coach causes me to be more accountable for keeping my commitments to myself. I think these are the things that make it an essential, not a luxury.

~ Hope, Senior Vice President at large regional bank